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Prize: The Sally Mitchell Dissertation Prize (3/1/2021)

The Research Society for Victorian Periodicals happily announces the creation of a new $1000 prize named in honor of Sally Mitchell for her pioneering research and invaluable contributions to our society. If you defended a dissertation in the calendar year of 2020, and if it explores the 19th century British periodical press (including magazines, newspapers, and serial publications of all kinds) as an object of study in its own right (and not simply as a source of material for other topics), please consider applying. Dissertation projects may range from a variety of disciplinary perspectives focused on any aspect of the periodical press within Britain itself, or in the many countries within and outside of the empire where British magazines and newspapers were bought, sold, and read during the 'long nineteenth century' (ca. 1780-1914). More information and submission guidelines can be found at http://rs4vp.org/awards/the-sally-mitchell-dissertation-prize/.  The portal opens for applications on 1 February 2021 and closes on 1 March 2021. 

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