Advisory Board

The Advisory Board, along with the Executive Council, makes up the governing mechanism of NAVSA and is elected into position by the general membership. For further information about the Executive Council and the Advisory Board, see our Constitution under "About NAVSA" (left-hand menu). If you have an issue that you wish to see addressed, feel free to write to the President of NAVSA, Kate Flint, or to any individual member of the Executive Council or Advisory Board. The current members of NAVSA's Advisory Board are as follows:

Canadian Open-Category Representatives

Denae Dyck  (2022-2024)
Department of English, U of Victoria

Dominic Hardy (2023-2025)
Art History, Université du Québec à Montréal

Daniel Wright  (2021-2023)
Department of English, U of Toronto at Mississauga

American Open-Category Representatives

Rachel Ablow  (2022-2024)
Department of English, U of Buffalo

David Coombs  (2021-2023)
Department of English, Clemson U

Ryan Fong (2023-2025)
Department of English, Kalamazoo College

Disciplinary Representative: Art History

Jo Briggs  (2021-2023)
Walters Art Museum, Baltimore

Disciplinary Representative: Foreign or Comparative Literature

Carolyn Vellenga Berman (2023-2025)
Literature, The New School

Disciplinary Representative: History

T. J. Tallie  (2022-2024)
Department of History, U of San Diego

Non-Traditionally Employed Representative

Vincent Lankewish (2022-2024)
Professional Performing Arts High School, NYC

Early-to-Mid Career Representative

Amy Coté (2022-2024)
Department of English, Samford U

Contingent/ Non-Tenure Track Faculty

Anna Gibson (2022-2024)
Department of English, North Carolina State U

Ruth McAdams (2022-2024)
Department of English, Skidmore College

Graduate-Student Representative: US

Erin Cheslow  (2022-2023)
Department of English, U of Illinois

Graduate-Student Representative: Canada

Emily Cadger (2023-2024)
Department of Art History, U of British Columbia

Past Members of the Board

Faculty Graduate Students
Rachel Ablow, James Eli Adams, Tim Barringer, Alison Booth, Karen Bourrier, Mary Wilson Carpenter, Susan Casteras, Alison Chapman, Tina Choi, Alicia Mireles Christoff, Anna Clark, Jay Clayton, Julie Codell, Richard Dellamora, Andrew Elfenbein, Christopher Ferguson, Kate Flint, Elaine Freedgood, Pamela Gilbert, Daniel Hack, Anne Helmreich, Linda K. Hughes, Priti Joshi, Christopher Keep, Lorraine Janzen Kooistra, John Kucich, Mary Elizabeth Leighton, Carolyn Lesjak, Margaret Linley, Teresa Mangum, Sharon Marcus, Nancy Rose Marshall, Jill Matus, Deborah Epstein Nord, Matt Potolsky, Yopie Prins, Erika Rappaport, Cannon Schmitt, Jonah Siegel, Marjorie Stone, Lisa Surridge, Herbert Tucker, Judith Walkowitz, Carolyn Williams, and Amy Woodson-Boulton Dory Agazarian, Heather Bowlby, Miranda Butler, Bassam Chiblak, Amy Coté, Kenneth Crowell, Laura Eidam, Emily Halliwell-Macdonald, Maha Jafri, Katherine Magyarody, John MacNeill Miller, Colleen McDonell, Kari Nixon, Lorenzo Servitje, Rebecca Soares, Anne Sullivan, and Catherine Welter