Statement on Non-Discrimination

The North American Victorian Studies Association strongly condemns the discriminatory actions of the Trump administration, including the executive order limiting the entry to the United States of refugees and of citizens from predominantly Muslim countries. This order is unethical in its racism and Islamophobia and anti-intellectual in its restriction of the free circulation of ideas and peoples. As scholars committed to academic freedom and social equality, we stand united with many other associations around the world in believing that such actions defy both humanitarian values and U.S. constitutional rights. As scholars of the Victorian period, in particular, we are opposed to forces that seek to return to the most regressive political and cultural elements associated with the nineteenth century. We applaud efforts to counteract the reinstitution of such practices, and we support the important work being done across various fields to address the history and current conditions of marginalized groups. (February 23, 2017)

NAVSA condemns the Trump administration’s February 2017 decision to rescind federal guidelines that protected transgender students from discrimination in public schools. As teachers, we recognize the damaging impact of discrimination in education and support those working to ensure equal treatment for all students. Moreover, we stand in solidarity with those working to uphold the constitutional rights of all LGBTQ citizens, particularly in light of rapid discriminatory changes to national and state policies. (March 21, 2017)