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Of Victorian Interest

To submit items for Of Victorian Interest or Member Publications, please email felluga@purdue.edu

CFP: NAVSA/ACCUTE 2019 (11/15/2018; 06/1-4/2019)


University of British Columbia in Vancouver, British Columbia

June 1-4, 2019

Please consider submitting to the joint panels for NAVSA (North American Victorian Studies Association) and ACCUTE (Association of Canadian College and University Teachers of English), to be held during the annual Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, British Columbia, June 1-4, 2019.

North American Victorian Studies Association (NAVSA) 1

Victorian Impacts

Organizer(s): Maragret Linley (Simon Fraser University)

In a social media context, impact can be a measure of success. In an environmental setting, impact is often measured by adverse effects of human development. Impact can be violent, as in a sharp blow or collision between things, or it can be positive, as in a lasting influence. How might we define the concept of impact in a Victorian context? What impacts did Victorians have on their world? What things and events made an impact on them? What are the effects of such impacts, and which Victorian impacts are still with us today? What are the literary forms of impact?

Possible topics include:

  • Impact Zones
  • Sudden impacts, collisions, catastrophes
  • Planetary, anthropogenic, and other environmental impacts
  • Influence and aftermath
  • Impact as effect, as in first impressions and lasting impressions
  • Impact and affect – euphoria, rapture, transport
  • Impact as a mark, material trace, or footprint
  • Impacts of material print culture, including impressions, engravings, stamps, typeface, embossing, print runs
  • Impact’s others: boredom, loss, failure, avoidance, delay, stillness
  • Post-impact: consequences, ends, remains, results

Please submit by 15 November 2018 through the ACCUTE Proposal Submission Form.


Victorian Wild Things

Organizer(s): Maragret Linley (Simon Fraser University)

Wildness, weirdness, strange people, places, things, and events have always captured the imagination and shaped the way we interact with and produce our world.  This panel invites papers that explore the significance of “wild things” in Victorian literature. How did Victorians use literature to express, confront, and even tame strangeness? How do wild things generate, infiltrate, or determine literary forms?

Topics may include but are not limited to:

  • Madness, intensity, unconventionality, opposition
  • Animals
  • Wild spaces, including wilderness, its objects and inhabitants
  • Representations of indigeneity, nativeness, and nativity
  • Outcasts, misfits, and criminals
  • Riots, uprisings, and spontaneous social happenings
  • Exotica
  • Erotica
  • Wild acts, gestures, (mis)behaviours
  • Wild thoughts, ideas, feelings, and affects
  • Empire and wild things
  • At home with wild things
  • Massive natural phenomena, including wild weather and natural disasters

Please submit by 15 November 2018 through the ACCUTE Proposal Submission Form.

For further information see https://accute.ca/accute-2019/

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