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Registration: “All Things Victorian” Postgraduate Conference at U of Portsmouth (3/19/2016)



19 March 2016
The Centre for Studies in Literature
University of Portsmouth

Keynote Speaker: Dr Nadine Muller (Liverpool John Moores University)

The rapid industrialisation of the nineteenth century, with its unprecedented increase in the mass-production, proliferation and consumption of machine-made material objects and things, forced a reconsideration of the relationship between the self and the physical world in Victorian culture. Since then, neo-Victorian re-imaginings of the past have recurrently appropriated Victorian materialities as both a means of re-fashioning the past for contemporary consumption and of engaging with the past through haptic communication. This interdisciplinary conference seeks to explore the material object, its invested meaning and the ways in which this has been presented and re-presented in Victorian culture and contemporary neo-Victorian re-imaginings.

Delegates will present papers exploring Victorian materiality and the material object in literature, cultural studies, the visual arts, film, television adaptation, fashion and consumer culture. Topics of interest include:

  • The representation of Victorian things, objects and artefacts in: Victorian and/or neo-Victorian literature; film, television and drama adaptations; fashion and textiles; Victorian and/or contemporary consumer culture.
  • The material object: Victorian clothing, jewellery, furniture, architecture, photographs, mementos, keepsakes, memorials, archives etc.
  • Human interactions and engagements with materiality and the material object.
  • Theories of material culture: thing theory, object theory, cultural memory theory, trace theory.

Registration is now open and you can save your place at the conference via the Portsmouth Online Store: http://www.port.ac.uk/centre-for-studies-in-literature/literature-events/postgraduate-conference-2016/. For more information, please contact cslpgconf@port.ac.uk. This postgraduate conference is supported by the British Association for Victorian Studies (BAVS).

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