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CFP: Critical Insights “Critical Insights: George Eliot” (2/20/2015; 7/15/2015)

George_Eliot_at_30_by_François_D'Albert_DuradeCFP (Abstract)
Critical Insights
Abstract deadline: February 20, 2015
Article deadline: July 15, 2015

"Critical Insights: George Eliot"

Call for abstracts for a collection of new essays on George Eliot and her work. The proposed volume is part of the Critical Insights series published by Salem Press, and the intended readers include undergraduate students and their teachers.

Interested individuals should submit an abstract of approximately 300-400 words for an unpublished essay that takes the approach described in any one of the following areas:

  • "Critical lens" chapter (4,000-4,500 words): a close reading of the author from a particular critical standpoint,
  • "Cultural and historical context" chapter (4,000-4,500 words): addresses how the time period influenced the author across different time periods and cultures, as well as what makes the author relevant to a contemporary audience,
  • "Compare/contrast" chapter (4,000-4,500 words): analyzes the author in the light of another author,
  • "Critical reception" chapter (4,000-4,500 words): surveys major pieces of criticism of the author and the major concerns that critics of the author have attended to over the years,
  • And ten (10) literary criticism chapters (5,000 words) that analyze commonly studied aspects of the author.

Together, these chapters will offer readers a comprehensive introduction to commonly studied aspects of Eliot, and represent major critical approaches to her and her work.

Below is the link to Salem Press’ website for the Critical Insights authors series, to get a sense of how the collections are structured and what they offer.

Abstract submissions should be approximately 300-400 words and sent to Katie Peel (peelk@uncw.edu).

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