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Reminder: Victorian Literature and Culture special issue, "Victorian India" (10/15/2012)

Victorian Literature and Culture invites papers for a special issue devoted to Victorian India to be published in 2013. What was “Victorian India”?  Papers may treat any aspect of Victorian India, its Victorian culture and Anglophone Indian writing.

Topics might include but are not limited to:

  • Collecting India: the development of private and museum collections devoted to Indian materials in Britain or on the subcontinent.
  • Creating geography: cultural, historical, economic and other forms of “mapping” India in the nineteenth century.
  •  Foreign exchange: Indian commodities in Britain; British commodities in India.
  • The linguistic atlas: the teaching and learning of languages, classical and vernacular, in India and the teaching and learning of Indian languages in Britain.
  • Constructing canons: what literary texts written in nineteenth-century India have entered the canon of British literature?
  • What’s missing? How do the politics of reception shape the contours of the canons of anglophone and translated texts?
  • Material texts: technologies, economies and practices of publishing materials relating to India.
  • Visual vocabularies: representing the subcontinent in visual media.
  • Reproducing, displaying, and circulating visual images of India.
  • Genre and empire: how do different genres—poems, novels, stories, music hall performance, theatre—create Victorian India for British and/or Indian audiences.
  • World music: the impact of Indian arts on British culture in the nineteenth-century and vice versa.
  • Translation: literal and figurative dimensions of translating Indian languages in the long nineteenth century; translations from English into Indian languages in the period.
  • Making history: British historiographies of India; Indian historiographies and histories in the nineteenth century.
  • Transperipheral relations: among various colonies, “internal” and external; India-Britain-North America connections, etc.

Send inquiries to Mary Ellis Gibson, megibson@uncg.edu.  Completed papers should be formatted according to MLA style and submitted electronically in Word format to megibson@uncg.edu, no later than October 15, 2012.  A hard copy is not required but would be appreciated for submissions originating in the U.S.  Submit two paper copies along with electronic text to Mary Ellis Gibson, Elizabeth Rosenthal Professor of English, Department of English, 3143 MHRA, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, NC 27412.

All papers will be reviewed by the special topics editor, as appropriate by members of the editorial board, and by the editors of Victorian Literature and Culture, Adrienne Munich and John Maynard.  For further information about the journal see http://www.nyu.edu/gsas/dept/english/journal/victorian.

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