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The Popular Imagination and the Dawn of Modernism (9/15-17/2011)

The Popular Imagination and the Dawn of Modernism, Middlebrow Writing 1890-1930
International Conference, School of Advanced Studies/Inst. of English Studies, London
15-17 September 2011

Registration and the programme are now available on the conference website. Please note that due to a torrent of spectacularly good abstracts, the conference has been extended by half a day, so it will now run from Wednesday morning to Saturday lunchtime. The organizers are also happy to announce that the conference will be hosting the launch of a new collection of the poetry of Hope Mirrlees, sponsored by Carcanet Books.

Keynote Speakers: Ann Ardis (University of Delaware, USA), Adina Ciugureanu (Ovidius University Constanta, Romania)

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