Hawaii Professionalization Workshop


Professionalization Workshop

U of Hawaii, Manoa, Honolulu, HI
Campus Center, Executive Dining Room
Emily Allen (elallen@purdue.edu)
Dino Franco Felluga (felluga@purdue.edu)

The professionalization workshop is designed to help you think critically and strategically about the academic profession, from conferences to grants to publications, to jobs and tenure.  Our regular class sessions will occur from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm on 6-8 July, then again on July 13.  Each day features guests who will help facilitate conversation and bring new perspectives to our discussions. From 9-12 July, most participants of the workshop will be involved with the NAVSA conference, which gets started on July 9 with activities tied to “Victorian Hawaii,” followed by a plenary panel on the impact of the digital humanities on the future of Victorian studies, a panel that will address some of our conversations in the workshop. A last workshop day on Monday, 13 July (“The Morning After”) will discuss issues that participants should consider after getting a job, like how to negotiate the challenge of a heavy teaching load and how best to ensure the conferral of tenure. We will also take the opportunity of this last class to discuss the conference itself and how to make the most of contacts established at such events. In addition to class sessions, there will be a walking tour of Hawaii on Monday, 6 July, followed by a luau and show. Emily Allen and Dino Felluga will also work to set up two-on-one counseling sessions for participants.