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Event: Join UVC for a “React Event” on Twitch (10/19/23)

UVC "React Event"
Undisciplining the Victorian Classroom
19 October 2023, 2-3pm PDT
Virtual: Twitch

In light of ongoing defunding and abolishing of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives as well as Humanities-focused departments (see West Virginia University’s cutting of the World Languages Department) and programs/majors (see New College of Florida’s move to end their gender studies major), UVC is hosting a live online fall event to address these volatile and extremist moves in higher ed.

Because this crisis of the University is multipronged, and in accordance with UVC’s mission to undiscipline, the organizers see this as an opportunity to gather in solidarity across institutional and field boundaries. On Thursday October 19th from 2-3pm PDT / 5pm - 6pm EST, UVC will live stream this “React Event” on the social media platform Twitch. Dr. M.A. Miller will be joined by invited guests in higher education who will offer responses to specific incidents around this ongoing crisis.

To sign up and indicate your interest in attending this event, complete this Google Form (https://forms.gle/XenJNjtYJB9rDT8N9). 

Have questions? Please feel free to reach out to Rae Yan (raeyan@ufl.edu), M.A. Miller (m.a.miller@wsu.edu), and Cherrie Kwok (mk7kf@virginia.edu).

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