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Announcement: UVC’s “Statement on Using Generative AI”

Undisciplining the Victorian Classroom (UVC) has published a “Statement on Using Generative AI” (https://undiscipliningvc.org/html/about/statement_on_using_generative_ai.html). This statement offers our reflections on generative artificial intelligence (AI), discusses some of the problems raised by the technology, but also addresses the point that: 

"We at UVC also believe that the present moment offers a unique opportunity to engage generative AI in the service of our mission to support innovative pedagogy and take teaching seriously as a critical practice. Through doing so, we hope to model how scholars-at-large might use generative AI technologies thoughtfully in their pedagogy, rather than shy away from them. In fact, we believe that engaging with generative AI directly gives us and our students the opportunity to interrogate these technologies and critically determine the role that they play in our lives and scholarship.”

UVC welcomes you to read their full statement and share your thoughts about the points they've raised.

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