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Event: “Victorian ‘Artificial Intelligence’: A Call to Arms,” a Hybrid Panel by Critical AI @ Rutgers (4/6/2023)

Victorian ‘Artificial Intelligence’: A Call to Arms
Hybrid Panel and Discussion
Rutgers British Studies Center + Critical AI @ Rutgers
April 6, 2023 at 4:00 p.m. ET

This panel discussion offers an informative “way in” to a topic of urgency while connecting to ongoing research questions for Victorianist scholars and other humanists across disciplines. As “AI” increasingly dominates strategic initiatives in teaching and research, humanists and interpretive social scientists must join the growing conversation over this so-called fourth industrial revolution.

Sophia Hsu (CUNY)
Pamela K. Gilbert (University of Florida)
Lauren M.E. Goodlad (Rutgers)

Meredith Martin (Center for Digital Humanities, Princeton)

Anand Sarwate (Electrical & Computer Engineering, Rutgers)

Co-organized by Critical AI @ Rutgers and the Rutgers British Studies Center, the event’s in-person location is the Rutgers Academic Building West, CCA Seminar Room 6051, or you can register on Zoom here.  

Note: The panel is similar to one presented at NAVSA last year but Meredith Martin’s response is new.

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