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Announcement: New COVE Editions Publication

There is a new publication at COVE Editions that has now successfully gone through peer review: William Delisle Hay’s The Doom of the Great City, edited by Seth Reno and Allison Hamilton. The text would be next-to-impossible to get published through a traditional press since, as the edition states, “There is little scholarship on the novella, and it’s not commonly taught in high school or college classrooms.” The edition makes a strong case for its relevance to Victorianists: “Doom’s engagement with nineteenth-century science, environmental concerns, and the post-apocalyptic genre lend it much relevancy in the twenty-first century. It is also a unique story in the history of post-apocalyptic literature and Last Man narratives, both fashionable nineteenth-century genres that have sustained their popularity into the twenty-first century.”

The novel is now available also in COVE Studio for addition to an anthology and for multimedia annotation; it pairs nicely with other material at COVE and BRANCH that bears on climate and climate change, including:

If you have a work that you would like to have published at COVE or BRANCH, contact Dino Felluga (felluga@purdue.edu) for further guidance.

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