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Barbara Leckie, Climate Change, Interrupted: Representation and the Remaking of Time

Climate Change, Interrupted

Representation and the Remaking of Time

Barbara Leckie

In this moment of climate precarity, Climate Change, Interrupted considers the climate crisis as a problem of time. Spanning the long nineteenth century through our current moment, its interdisciplinary treatment of climate change at once rethinks time and illustrates that the time for climate action is now.

Climate Change, Interrupted argues that linear, progress-inflected temporalities are not adequate to a crisis that defies their terms. Instead, this book advances a theory and practice of interruption to rethink prevailing temporal frameworks. At the same time, it models the anachronistic, time-blending, and time-layering temporality it advances. In a series of experimental chapters informed by the unlikely trio of Walter Benjamin, Donna Haraway, and Virginia Woolf, Climate Change, Interrupted reinflects and cowrites the traditions and knowledges of the long nineteenth-century and the current period in the spirit of climate action collaboration. Climate Change, Interrupted, in short, invests in interruption to tell a different story of the climate crisis.

Barbara Leckie is Professor of English and the Comparative Study of Literature, Art, and Culture at Carleton University. She is the author of Open Houses: Poverty, the Novel, and the Architectural Idea in Nineteenth-Century Britain (2018), among other books, and coordinator for the Carleton Climate Commons.

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