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Grant: RSVP Field Development Grant (Deadline: 03/15/23)

RSVP Field Development Grant

The Research Society for Victorian Periodicals

The RSVP Field Development Grant was created with funds from a generous bequest to RSVP by the late Eileen Curran, pioneering researcher and Emerita Professor of English at Colby College. The grant is intended to support one or a team of researchers in creating resources that will facilitate the work of other scholars in their studies of 19th-century British newspapers and periodicals.

The Research Society for Victorian Periodicals (RSVP) intends to grant one RSVP Field Development Grant each year to a single researcher or a team of researchers pursuing a project that would facilitate research by other scholars. Two smaller awards may be given if the right projects present themselves. The amount of the award will be up to $27,500. 

Eligible projects must articulate how the proposed resource will enhance the ability of other scholars to conduct significant research in the history of nineteenth-century British newspapers and periodicals. Examples of eligible projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Collaborative projects to produce print or digital publications
  • Demonstration projects that make use of new technologies
  • Research tools such as indices and bibliographies
  • Digitization efforts
  • Workshops or seminars that address research methods for the study of periodicals

Regardless of method or type, projects supported by RSVP Field Development Grants must advance the study of the nineteenth-century British periodical press in any of its manifold forms, and may range from within Britain itself to the many countries, within and outside of the Empire, where British magazines and newspapers were bought, sold, and read during the “long nineteenth century” (ca. 1780-1914).

The deadline is March 15th, 2023.

To read more about the award see here: https://rs4vp.org/awards/rsvp-field-development-grant/

To apply for this award see here: https://rs4vp.smapply.io/prog/rsvp_field_development_grant/

If you have any questions about the Field Development Grant, please contact: communications@rs4vp.org

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