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Prize: “Expanding the Field” Graduate Student Essay Prize (Deadline: 02/15/23)

“Expanding the Field” Graduate Student Essay Prize

The Northeast Victorian Studies Association (NVSA)

The Northeast Victorian Studies Association (NVSA) awards an annual prize for essays that expand the geographic, ethnic, racial, temporal, and methodological diversity of scholarship in the field. The award will recognize work that foregrounds nineteenth-century texts, contexts, perspectives, and insights by or about British colonial subjects residing outside the metropole or by or about immigrants and their descendants residing within it. NVSA also welcomes submissions that speak more broadly to the centrality of race, ethnicity, and imperialism in the shaping of global Victorian literature and culture. Essays should be 20-30 pages long and authors must be graduate students at the time of submission.

Winners will receive registration to the annual NVSA conference and a $250 check, and the prize committee will offer help, if wanted, in placing the essay with a journal. The prize is neither contingent on publication nor the promise of future publication.

Submit essays to Sophia Hsu at sophia.hsu@lehman.cuny.edu by February 15, 2023.

For more information about the prize, click on this link.

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