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Call for Applicants: Wilde-Holland Fellowship (2/1/23)

Napoleon Sarony, Photograph of Oscar Wilde (Sarony #18), 1882. Wildeiana Box 20/Folder 33, William Andrews Clark Memorial Library, UCLA.

Wilde-Holland Fellowship
Application deadline: February 1, 2023
Stipend: $4,000 per month of residency
Location: University of California, Los Angeles

This 1–2 month fellowship is available to a postdoctoral scholar, graduate student, or visiting scholar for research using materials from the Oscar Wilde collection at the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library. The fellowship, established in 2021, honors the writer and cultural figure Oscar Wilde and his grandson Merlin Holland, a scholar who has dedicated himself to studying and celebrating Wilde’s legacy.

The award is funded by an endowment established by William Zachs and Martin Adam. In 2007 the benefactors also endowed the biennial William Andrews Clark Lecture on Oscar Wilde (held at the Clark Library), which focuses on Wilde and his literary circle in the 1890s. It highlights the Clark’s collections of Wilde material—among the most comprehensive in the world—which include autograph letters and drafts by Wilde and his circle; a nearly complete collection of printed editions of his works; photographs, original portraits, and caricatures; playbills, news cuttings, and other ephemera.


The Fellowship is open to all postdoctoral scholars, graduate students, and visiting scholars engaged in research using materials from the Clark Library’s collection on Oscar Wilde. Research residency may last for 1–2 months between July 1–June 30 of each fellowship year.

Application Instructions and Deadline

To apply for this fellowship please use the fellowship application form.

Completed applications must be received on or before February 1 each year.


Applicants will be notified of the fellowship committee’s decision by email in March/April of the fellowship application year.


Fellowship inquires may be directed to Myrna Ortiz at ortiz@humnet.ucla.edu or 310-206-8552.

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