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Event: Annual Conference of the Research Society for Victorian Periodicals (Date: 9/15-17/22)

Annual Conference of the Research Society for Victorian Periodicals


Held online

September 15-17, 2022

‘How are we to think of the edge of a given landscape or seascape? Assuming it exists – something we cannot take for granted – is it a limit, a perimeter, a periphery? What is it and how are we to think of it?’ 

-Edward Casey, The Places of a Landscape (2011, p. 91)

This year, RSVP’s annual conference builds on the ongoing work in nineteenth-century studies that challenges and extends the spatial, temporal and conceptual limits of what we understand by the Victorian period, Victorian studies, the British Empire, and centre/periphery models and practices. Through a focus on the matter of the long nineteenth-century’s pervasive mass medium, the periodical press, RSVP asks participants to consider how the press in its multiple genres, iterations, networks, materialities, and practices reinforced, resisted or extended margins, limits, and edges.

The event will take place virtually from September 15-17, 2022. Registration is free and open to all. You can register now at https://whova.com/portal/registration/victo_202201

RSVP is hosting the conference on the Whova platform (a desktop and mobile app). Presenters have posted their papers, videos, and posters to the site for attendees to view in advance of the live Q&A sessions that comprise the conference.

Note that you will need to register for the conference and register for Whova before you can log into the conference site, but both are free. To learn more about registering for the conference and using Whova, please visit RSVP’s conference webpage at https://rs4vp.org/rsvp-conference and click on the Attendee Guide, which will walk you through each step in the process of registering and accessing the conference platform. A full PDF of the program is also available on this page.

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