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Event: Roundtable on 19th-Century Material Culture: Textiles (1/28/2022)

Event: Roundtable on 19th-Century Material Culture: Textiles (1/28/2022)

Roundtable on 19th-Century Material Culture: Textiles

28 January 2022, 10:00am-11:15am PST on Zoom

Crafting Communities warmly invites you to the next event in their series of virtual sessions focused on textiles and related crafting practices! Please see the details below.

Please join for this lively Zoom roundtable, which brings together five scholars to talk about nineteenth-century and contemporary material culture, with a focus on textiles. Topics discussed include hand-sewn quilts from nineteenth-century Canada; lace-bark bonnets and the Jamaicanization of Victorian dress; Leah Decter and Jaimie Isaac’s work (official denial) trade value in progress, nineteenth century spinning wheels, carpenters, and spinsters, Kim McCollum’s work on Weaving Code, and nineteenth-century fashion scrapbooks!

Brief presentations will be accompanied by slideshow images and followed by a Q&A.

The speakers will be

  • Lisa Binkley (Dalhousie U)
  • Steeve Buckridge (Grand Valley State U)
  • Leah Decter (inter-media artist & Canada Research Chair at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University)
  • Brandi Goddard (U of Alberta)
  • Kim McCollum (multimedia artist and co-owner of Gather Textiles Studios)
  • Dina Kalman Spoerl (exhibits team leader at Naper Settlement)

This free event is open to all; to register, please visit: https://www.craftingcommunities.net/events

This roundtable is part of a year-long series titled Critical Crafting In and Beyond Humanities Classrooms: 19th-Century Material Culture and 21st-Century Open Pedagogy. This series is generously funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, the Universities of Victoria, Alberta, and Manitoba, as well as the Victorian Studies Association of Western Canada.

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