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Dennis Denisoff, Scales of Decadence

Dennis Denisoff, guest editor

Scales of Decadence, a special issue of Victorian Literature and Culture


Dennis Denisoff: Introduction: The Scales of Decadence

Matthew Potolsky: Decadence and Realism

Kristin Mahoney: Taking Wilde to Sri Lanka and Beardsley to Harlem: Decadent Practice, Race, and Orientalism

Regenia Gagnier: The Geopolitics of Decadence

Dennis Denisoff: The Lie of the Land: Decadence, Ecology, and Arboreal Communications

Rachel Teukolsky: On the Politics of Decadent Rebellion: Beardsley, Japonisme, Rococo

Alex Murray: Decadent Experience: Conservatism and Modernity

Jane Desmarais: Late-Victorian Decadent Song Literature

Kate Hext: Victorians in the Closet: Oscar Wilde's Monstrous Hollywood Legacy

Catherine Maxwell: Sarah Grand and Oscar Wilde: Decadence, Desire, and the Double Life

Charlotte Ribeyrol: Verdeurs: Oscar Wilde, Dorian Gray, and the Colors of Decadence

Joseph Bristow: Aleister Crowley's Poetic Fin De Siècle: Swinburne's Legacy, Decadent Drag, and Spiritual Sex Magick

Stefano Evangelista: Translational Decadence: Versions of Gustave Flaubert, Walter Pater, and Lafcadio Hearn

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