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CFP: Race in Nineteenth-Century Literature & Culture

CFP: Race in Nineteenth-Century Literature & Culture

Oxford University Press is seeking proposals for inclusion in their ‘Race in Nineteenth-Century Literature & Culture’ series.

Race in Nineteenth-Century Literature & Culture attends to the racial and imperial logics that structured the conceptual and material worlds from which literatures of the long nineteenth century emerged. While centered on literatures and cultures of the late-Enlightenment, Romantic, and Victorian eras, the series pays particular attention to the durability of long nineteenth-century racial and imperial formations in the contemporary moment. Titles included proceed from the conviction that understanding this key moment in the history of race and empire enables us to imagine revolutionary alternatives to the structures we have inherited from the nineteenth century.

The scholars published in this series will be experts in the literature and history of the long, global nineteenth century and adept in archival access, methodological and theoretical historiography, critical race theories, sociological methodologies, and postcolonial, Black and Indigenous theories, methodologies, and practices.  The series’ span from the late-Enlightenment through the early twentieth century will deliver an important intellectual bridge for critical race scholars and will enable larger historical and theoretical narratives to emerge about the ways race is constructed and operates in literature, history, and culture. The series thus aims to produce critical interventions into both the study of the long nineteenth century and the critical study of race and empire. As co-founders of the Bigger 6 Collective, which promotes scholarly and creative work by and about historically marginalized people, the organizers are looking forward to working with writers whose work expands and deepens how we understand the nineteenth century as a whole and are especially keen to feature minoritized scholars working in the field.

Series Editors

Manu Samriti Changer (Rutgers University-Newark) and

Patricia A. Matthew (Montclair State University)

Series & Proposal Information: bigger6.com/oup

Queries & Submissions: oup.c19race@gmail.com

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