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Wessex Museums Trust Thomas Hardy Crowdfunder “Become Part of Hardy’s  Story” (Closes 12/3/2021)

Wessex Museums Trust’s Thomas Hardy Crowdfunder: "Become Part of Hardy’s  Story"

Wessex Museums Trust would like to ask for your support in promoting their Thomas Hardy Crowdfunder appeal, live November 2nd to December 3rd, 2021 at https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/thomas-hardy#start!

The Crowdfunder is to raise funds for the organizers’ blockbuster Thomas Hardy exhibition which opens in summer 2022.  Each of the Wessex Museums Trust partners will tell a different chapter in Hardy’s story - Poole Museum, Salisbury Museum, Dorset Museum and Wiltshire Museum.

The exhibition will be the largest collection of Hardy objects ever displayed at one time. 

As part of the exhibition, the organizers are uncovering objects that have been hidden in stores, never before put on public display. But these objects need conserving and specialist mounting so they can be enjoyed by current and future generations.

The Crowdfunder aims to raise £5,000 towards this work and the exhibition.

So how can you help?

As partners on the project, the organizers are asking you to help them with the appeal by: 

  • Re-posting or sharing Wessex Museums’ social media posts about the campaign (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram).
  • Marketing the campaign to your audience through your newsletters, blogs, or website. The organizers are happy to provide content and images for you. 
  • Donating – if you are able to donate, please do. The organizers would love to start the campaign with some pledges of gifts already secured.

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