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Announcement: Special Issue of Feminist Modern Studies of Victorian Interest

Feminist Modern Studies, Volume 4, number 2, July 2021.

The July 2021 Special Issue of Feminist Studies, guest edited by Dennis Denisoff includes topics that may be of interest to Victorian scholarship including:

“Feminist Global Decadence” by Dennis Denisoff

“Decadent Women Poets Translingual Thresholds” by Ana Parejo Vadillo

“From Barbarism to Decadence without the Intervening Civilization or, Living the Aftermath of Anticipated Futures” by Regenia Gagnier

“Claiming Modernity in Egypt: Decadent Orientalism and Mayy Ziyadah’s Fleurs de reve” by Robert Stilling

“Allegories on the Internal Scene: Vernon Lee’s, Mina Loy’s, and Else Lasker-Schuler’s War Plays” by Katharina Herold

“Nancy Cunard And the Afterlives of Decadent Desire” by Kristin Mahoney

“Gertrude Bell’s Persian Pictures and Fin-de-Siecle Decadence” by Angie Blumberg

“‘The Rarest, Most Complex and Most Lately Developed Form of Aestheticism’: Olive Schreiner, Decadence, and the Aesthetic Education of the Senses” by Dustin Friedman

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