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Conference: NVSA 2020 & 2021: “Oppression and Uprisings” (4/9-10/2021)

Oppression and Uprisings

Northeast Victorian Studies Association

April 9-10, 2021

The organizers invite you to the postponed Northeast Victorian Studies (NVSA) conference, "Oppressions and Uprisings," which will be held virtually Friday, April 9, 2:00-7:00 pm and Saturday, April 10, 10am-3:30pm. 

In addition to a keynote panel featuring discussion by Jed Esty, Simon Gikandi, and Helena Michie, there will be 4 panels (papers condensed to 12 minutes to ease our screen time), the traditional conference wrap-up talks, and the annual NVSA meeting (Friday 5:30-7:00pm) during which we will vote for the theme of next year's (in-person, exuberant, festive) conference and announce the Sonya Rudikoff Prize for the best first book in Victorian studies. The microphone will also be extended to the crowd for some memories of our dear friend Gerhard Joseph.

Conference registration is free for graduate students and retirees. The organizers ask that faculty please give a donation to NVSA in any amount, if they can, to support funding for our mentee program and future in-person conferences.

Please register for the conference here.

Friday, April 9

2:00-3:45pm Panel 1: Forms

Jason Rudy (University of Maryland), Chair

Ryan Fong (Kalamazoo College): “Contesting Land, Unsettling Language: Indigenous Survivance and Colonial Print Culture”

Sean Hughes (Rutgers University): “Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Double Vision from Casa Guidi Windows”

Emma Adler (Harvard University): “Oppression, Suppression, Repression: Distinctions and Stakes in Middlemarch and Beyond”

Anoff Cobblah (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor): “Oppression and Exclusion: Race and the Circulation of Anecdotes of the Telegraph”

4:00-5:15pm Panel 2: 2:15–3:45pm F*ck the Polis

Simon Reader (College of Staten Island, CUNY), Chair

Patrick O’Malley (Georgetown University): “Irish Nationalism and White Violence”

Greg Vargo (New York University): “‘Theater of Insurrection: Political Violence and Chartist Drama” 

Jacqueline Jean Barrios (University of California, Los Angeles): “A Chinese Riot in London: Disordering East Asian Occupation of the British Metropole”

Aaron Bartlett (University of Maryland): “Post-Revolutionary Guilt: Wilde’s Italy in the Wake of Risorgimento”

5:30-7:00   NVSA Meeting – Awards, Next Year’s Topic Selection, Memorials

Saturday, April 10

10:00am–11:30am Keynote Panel in Honor of Carole Silver
Jonathan Farina (Seton Hall University), Chair

Jed Esty (University of Pennsylvania)

Helena Michie (Rice University)

Simon Gikandi (Princeton University)

11:45–1:00pm Panel 3: Empire State of Mind 

Tanya Agathocleous (Hunter College, CUNY), Chair

Adrienne Munich (Stony Brook University, Emeritus): “Uprisings and Oppression on the South African Diamond Fields”

Diana Rose Newby (Columbia University): “Transatlantic Networks of Environmental Imperialism in Leslie Marmon Silko and Albert Millican”

Joshua Brorby (Washington University in St. Louis): “Translating Holy War: The Taiping Rebellion Reimagined in British Periodicals”

1:30-2:45pm Panel 4: Fashioning Systems

Abigail Joseph (New York University): “Dress Reform and Drag: Or, How Oppressive was Victorian Fashion?”

Jacob Romanow (Rutgers University): “Kipling’s Administrative Imaginary: Imperial Epistemology as Information Management”

Will Glovinsky (Columbia University): “Toward a Literary History of Guaranteed Income”

3:00-3:30pm Conference Wrap-Up

Jesse Rosenthal (Johns Hopkins University)

Olivia Moy (Lehman College, CUNY)

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