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CFP: 2021 Joseph R. Dunlap Memorial Fellowship (12/1/2020)

The William Morris Society in the United States is calling for applications for the 2021 Joseph R. Dunlap Memorial Fellowship. The deadline is December 1, 2020. Applications are judged by committee, and the decision will be announced by January 15, 2021.

The Dunlap Fellowship supports scholarly and creative work about William Morris. The fellowship offers funding of $1000 or more for research and other expenses. Projects may deal with any subject—biographical, literary, historical, social, artistic, political, typographical—relating to Morris. The Society also encourages translations of Morris's works and the production of teaching materials (lesson plans and course materials) suitable for use at the elementary, secondary, college, or adult-education level. Applications are sought particularly from younger members of the Society and from those at the beginning of their careers. Recipients may be from any country and need not have an academic or institutional appointment, nor must recipients hold the Ph.D. Although recipients are not required to be members of the William Morris Society, we encourage those applying to join and to share in the benefits of membership.

For the 2021 Fellowship, the Society especially encourages applications dealing with Morris and social justice.

In some years the Society offers a second, smaller fellowship, the William Morris Society Award (the amount to be determined by the committee of judges). The purpose and aims of this second award are the same as for the Dunlap Fellowship.

Applicants should send a two-page description of their projects, a separate budget page, a c.v., and at least one letter of recommendation. For a translation project, please submit an additional letter from a recognized authority able to certify the applicant's competence in both languages. For teaching materials, we ask also for a cover letter describing the ways in which the materials might be used in learning situations. The Society would be pleased to publish any completed translation or teaching materials on its website, but this is not a requirement.

Send applications by email (with the subject line "Application for the Dunlap Award") to: Professor Michael Robertson, mroberts@tcnj.edu

For more information, please see the Morris Society website (www.morrissociety.org)

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