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Registration: Victorian Society in America’s Summer Schools (3/2/2020)

For over 40 years, Victorian Society in America has offered summer school programs based in Newport, Rhode Island and London (the latter begun by the Victorian Society in the UK), addressing 19th- and early 20th-century architecture, design and the arts. Six years ago, the organization also launched a third summer program based in Chicago, which focuses on the American roots of Modernism. The summer schools are open to graduate students, academics, architects, and enthusiasts.

The Summer Schools are academically rigorous and physically demanding. A typical day includes lectures and tours by leading scholars, considerable walking, periods of standing and engaging social experiences. These intensive programs are action-packed with little free time. Tuition costs include expert instruction, shared accommodation, some meals, tours, and admissions. Competitive scholarships are available for all three programs.

Applications for the summer schools are due in early March. Find more information at: https://victoriansociety.org/summer-schools/

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