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Award Reminders: Nineteenth Century Studies Association

Nineteenth Century Studies Association

On behalf of the Nineteenth Century Studies Association, here are a few upcoming deadlines. NCSA asks if you might please forward the following information to the members of your organization - as appropriate.

Full detailed information about NCSA can be found here: http://www.ncsaweb.net/

In particular, NCSA would like your members to be aware of upcoming deadlines for awards and prizes, including the following. Please note that two awards have a July 1, 2019 deadline:

1) Emerging Scholars Award, due July 1, 2019 to Diana Polley: emergingscholarsncsa@gmail.com

2) NCSA Article Prize, due July 1, 2019 to Christine Roth: articleprizencsa@gmail.com

3) International Travel Award, due December 1st to the conference organizers: ncsa2020@gmail.com

4 & 5) Student Travel Grant and Scheuerle-Zatlin International Travel Grant, both due December 1st to the conference organizers: ncsa2020@gmail.com

6) NCSA Faculty Development Travel Award, due January 15th to the conference organizers: ncsa2020@gmail.com

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