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Of Victorian Interest

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Registration: Latitudes (3/29/19)


Northeast Victorian Studies Association

Amherst, April 12-14, 2019

University of Massachusets

Registration is now open for NVSA 2019. Please register BEFORE March 29th (now), when a late registration fee ($60) will go into effect.

Two different ways to access: you can either go to the landing page,  https://umass.irisregistration.com/Site/NVSA

Or, skip right to the login page: https://umass.irisregistration.com/Form/NVSA


The closest and lowest-priced ($169 per night) hotel is:

Hotel UMass, University of Massachusetts: 877-822-2110

Use group code” NVS19C and reserve by March 15 for our group rate.

A block of rooms is also reserved (mention NVSA for a lower rate) at the significantly pricier but lovely Inn at Boltwood, which is about 20 minutes away. There are numerous hotels of different sorts in Amherst.

DRAFT PROGRAM (subject to some small time adjustments)

Schedule of Events
Friday, April 12
Panels will take place in Room 917

10:00-11:00am OPTIONAL: Tour of Emily Dickinson Museum

12:00-1:00pm OPTIONAL: Tour of Emily Dickinson Museum

1:00pm (and following) Registration in Amherst

2:00pm   Welcome

2:15–3:45pm Panel 1: Formal Latitudes and Taxonomies

(Jason Rudy, University of Maryland), Chair

Devin Griffiths (USC): “Area Studies, Geopolitics, and the Birth of ‘Victorian Studies’”

Lindsey E. R. O’Neil (U of Maryland, College Park): “E. Pauline Johnson: ‘Double Life’ and the Dramatic Monologue”

Carolyn Jacobson (Grinnell College): “Dialect of the Prussian Slaves: Punch, Minstrelsy, and Empire”

3:45–4:15pm   Coffee 

4:15–5:45pm   Panel 2: Ecocritical Interventions

(Anna Henchman, Boston University), Chair

Elisabeth Strayer (Cornell): “Towards a Victorian Environmental Justice:

Representing Indigenous South African Voices”

Michael Tondre (SUNY Stony Brook): “Conrad’s Carbon Imaginary: Oil,

Imperialism, and the Victorian Petro-Archive”

Amy King (St. John’s): “Detail, Natural History, and a more Global

Victorian: Representations of Jamaica in the work of Marianne North

and Philip Henry Gosse”

6:00–7:00pm   Opening Reception at Bistro 63

7:00pm   Optional group dinners: various local restaurants

Saturday, April 13 

9:00–10:00am   Breakfast in Amherst Room

10:00am–12:00pm   Keynote Panel in Honor of Carole Silver 
Jonathan Farina (Seton Hall University), Chair

Sukanya Banerjee (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee)

Ankhi Mukherjee (Johns Hopkins University/Wadham College, Oxford)

Tim Watson (University of Miami)

12:00–1:45pm    Lunch Meeting at TBD

2:00–4:00pm   Panel 3: Remapping Coordinates of Centers and Peripheries

(Justin Thompson, University of Maryland), Chair

Austin Lim (San Francisco State U): “Realizing Singapore: The Archipelagic

Metropolis of The Golden Chersonese and the Way Thither”

Sarah Weaver (Independent Scholar): “Dialect, Jargon, Patois, Creole: The

Latitudes of Victorian Language”

Kyle McAuley (Rutgers, New Brunswick): “‘Lat. Long.’: Geographic

Description and the Imperial Romance”

Natalie Prizel (Princeton): “Pre-Raphaelite in Black” Futures Past and Present

4:00–4:30pm   Coffee

4:30–6:00pm   Panel 4: Archives of Empire 

(Tanya Agathocleous, Hunter College), Chair

James Najarian (Boston College): “Back to School: The Textbook Afterlife of

Matthew Arnold’s Sohrab and Rustum”

Adrian S. Wisnicki (U of Nebraska-Lincoln): “Recovering the Many Voices of

the British Empire”

Cara Murray (CUNY Queensborough): “Awards of Empire: Prize-winning

Essays of the Bombay Presidency”

Aaron Worth (Boston U): “Imperial Prestige”

6:00-6:30pm   Archival Interlude 

Heather F. Ball, (St. John’s University): “Erasing Disciplinary Lines and Unifying Scholars through Code: How a Medievalist Librarian and Postcolonial Literary Historian Work in Tandem on Victorian Explorer David Livingstone’s Expeditionary Writings”

7:00–9:00pm   Dinner Banquet at Inn on Boltwood

(30 Boltwood Ave, Amherst)

Sunday, April 14, 2019

8:00–9:00am   Breakfast in Amherst

9:00–10:15am   Expanding the Field
Cornelia Pearsall (Smith College), Chair

Alicia Christoff (Amherst College)

Amy Wong (Dominican U of California)

Ronjaunee Chatterjee (Concordia U)

10:15–10:30am   Coffee

10:30–12:00pm   Panel 5: Transcultural Mediations

(Esther Hu, Boston University), Chair

Yan Yang (Peking University): “Seeking Spiritual Light from Ancient

India: Max Müller’s Interpretation of Vedic Religion”

Esther Hu (Boston University): “Charlotte Yonge, Missionaries, and Cross-

Cultural Friendship in Nineteenth-Century China”

Livia Arndal Woods (Trinity College): “Dreamland: William Morris,

Anthony Trollope, Instagram, and Iceland”

12:00–1:00pm   Conference Wrap-Up

Nasser Mufti (U Illinois at Chicago)

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