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Registration: The Bildungsroman: form and transformations (11/15/2018; 11/22-25/2018)

The Bildungsroman: form and transformations

A conference hosted by the Novel Network

University of Sydney

November 22-25, 2018

This conference will explore the past and present condition of the Bildungsroman, with its myriad transformations and diversifications not only in the novel proper but also in memoir, film and long-form television. It will bring together exciting work in disciplines often separated by periodising and disciplinary paradigms and gather experts in prose fiction, film, and television from the eighteenth to the twenty-first centuries and from a range of language areas to concentrate on this key narrative form. The novel of the emotional and social development or formation of a young person as they learn to make their way in an often hostile world, the Bildungsroman was a key form taken by the European novel from the early 19th century. How has it made its way across transhistorical formations and transgeneric remediations?


Nancy Armstrong, Gilbert, Louis & Edward Lehrman Professor of English, Duke 

‘Why the Bildungsroman no longer works’

Joseph Litvak, Professor of English and Chair of Department, Tufts 

Black Comedy and the Bildungsroman:  Fran Ross’s Oreo’

Katie Trumpener, Emily Sandford Professor of Comparative Literature and English, Yale

‘Actors, Puppets, Girls: Little Women and the Collective Bildungsroman


Registration Details:

Early Bird registration is now open (until 30 September Sydney time/29 September US time) for The Bildungsroman: form and transformations at this link https://BILDUNGSROMAN, or check the website https://bildungsroman.org for details.

Early Bird registration, until September 30, 2018

Student/unwaged: $80

Full registration: $175

Single day: $80


Late registration: October 1- November 15, 2018

Student/unwaged: $120

Full registration: $250

Single day: $100

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