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New BRANCH articles

BRANCH has just finished publishing five new essays:

Nicholas Daly’s piece on Anthony Hope’s bestselling adventure romance set in an imaginary, semi-feudal country, Ruritania, is an excellent companion piece to Anna Vaninskaya’s recently published BRANCH essay on spy fiction. Jill Ehnenn’s article on female ekphrasis joins a very strong cluster on aestheticism and decadence, with previous essays by Rachel TeukolskyEllen CrowellElizabeth HelsingerMeaghan ClarkeJulie CodellNicholas FrankelAnna Maria Jones, and Ayla Lepine. Shanyn Fiske’s article joins a growing set of BRANCH essays on the “Far East,” including previous essays by Erika RappaportJudith L. Fisher, and two recent essays by Wendy S. Williams: “‘So Very Japanny’: The British Reception of The Mikado in 1885” and “‘Free-and-Easy,’ ‘Japaneasy’: British Perceptions and the 1885 Japanese Village.” Kathleen Frederickson's article on the Indian famine of 1876-8 joins a strong BRANCH cluster on India, including previous essays by Erika RappaportPriti JoshiAnne ClendinningJudith L. FisherJulie Codell and Aviva Briefel. Finally, Peter H. Hoffenberg’s essay on the South Kensington International Exhibitions joins one of the strongest BRANCH clusters: galleries and exhibitions, with previous essays by Elizabeth BerkowitzWendy S. WilliamsMeaghan ClarkeJulie CodellPamela FletcherBarbara LeckieAnne ClendinningAnne HelmreichAudrey JaffeAviva Briefel, and Amy Woodson-Boulton.

All articles in BRANCH are peer reviewed, followed by revision, copy-editing and proofing.  If you are interested in submitting articles for consideration, you can find more information here: http://www.branchcollective.org/?page_id=9. BRANCH receives 400-600 individual users every day; all work is open access and open copyright (Creative Commons 3.0).

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