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CFP: Victorian Print Culture: New Mediations (11/15/2017; 5/26-29/2018)

Victorian Print Culture: New Mediations

A joint panel for NAVSA (North American Victorian Studies Association) at ACCUTE (Association of Canadian College and University Teachers of English) in Regina, Saskatchewan, as part of the 2018 Congress of the Humanities.

Panel Organizer: Dr. Susan Johnston, Department of English, University of Regina, Regina, SK.

May 26-29, 2018

For nearly two decades, Victorianists have been taking note of print culture’s capacity to mediate between and among both our sources and our scholarship: juxtaposing broadsheets and bildungsroman, street literature and sensation novels, even as it renewed the interdisciplinary methods that lie at the heart of Victorian studies. Thus Barbara Leckie calls us to “illustrate the unexpected alliances that follow from juxtaposing forms of print that haven’t been set side-by-side before as well as returning forms of print that were once side-by-side to their original print contexts” (Leckie 903; see Hughes 1-2). This joint panel welcomes papers that address these alliances through a range of print culture practices and readers, with particular attention to the ways in which print culture studies illuminate and enliven the literary focus of English literary studies.

This call for papers invites 500-word proposals for individual or collaborative papers, or completed papers, on the theme of Victorian Print Cultures. Possible topics include, but are by no means limited to:

- Serial publication and the Victorian novel

- Street literature and sensation fiction

- Crime reporting and the Newgate novel

- Emerging celebrity cultures

- Tabloid and newspaper reporting

- The novel vs. the news

- Badness & madness in the ballad

- Gendering media

- The masculinization of violence

- Media and spectacle

- Mediating monstrosity / Monstrosity across media

- Novelistic characterizations of media

- Advertising the Victorian home

Please send the following: A file containing the 2018 Proposal Info Sheet (available on the ACCUTE website) and a 300 to 500-word paper proposal without personal identifying marks to Susan.Johnston@uregina.ca with NAVSA – ACCUTE in the subject line, on or before November 15, 2017.

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