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Prize: Victorian Review‘s Hamilton Prize 2017 (7/1/2017)

Victorian Review invites graduate students to submit their unpublished work for consideration for the Hamilton Prize. The winning essay will be published in Victorian Review; the winner will receive an additional award of $250 CAD. Articles should be 20-25 pages in length. The deadline for submissions for the next annual competition will be July 1, 2017. This annual award honours the effort and achievements of Susan Hamilton, editor of Victorian Review from 2000 to 2006.

The winning essay will be selected according to three criteria:

  • contribution to Victorian studies
  • quality and originality
  • style and clarity
  • The award will be judged by the editorial team of the journal in consultation with Advisory Board members. Please send entries to Dr. Kristen Guest, Submissions Editor, at vreview@unbc.ca.

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