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Registration: Theatrical Ecologies and Environments in the Nineteenth Century (7/1/2017)

Theatrical Ecologies and Environments in the Nineteenth Century: A One-Day Colloquium organised in conjunction with Nineteenth Century Theatre and Film

School of Theatre & Performance Studies and Cultural & Media Policy Studies
Millburn House, University of Warwick, CV4 7HS
Saturday 1 July 2017, 9am–6pm

All are warmly invited to attend this one-day colloquium on Theatrical Ecologies and Environments in the Nineteenth Century. Ecocriticism is a hot topic in both Theatre Studies and Nineteenth-Century Studies, yet the environment is still an under-examined area within nineteenth-century theatre circles. This symposium presents a series of panels and speakers addressing this topic from a wide range of perspectives.

Speakers and papers include:

  • Kirsten Shepherd-Barr, ‘Behind the Limelight: Theatre’s Working Environment’
  • Ann Featherstone, ‘Sagacious Canines and Brave Brutes: Re-discovering the Victorian Dog-drama’
  • Michael Gamer, ‘Master Betty vs. Carlo the Wonder Dog: The Year of Child/Animal Actors’
  • George Taylor, ‘Stedman, Surinam and Theatrical Exoticism at the start of the Nineteenth Century’
  • Cristina Fernandes Rosa, ‘Nature, Ecology and Sustainability in Nineteenth-Century Ballet’
  • Susan Anthony, ‘Gothic Plays: Supernatural vs. Forces of Nature’
  • Victoria Wiet, ‘The Actress in Nature: The Environments of Artistic Development in Victorian Fiction and Life-writing’
  • Katie Jarvis, ‘Ecologies of Imperialism: Amazonian Waterlilies, Fairies and Inter-ecosystem Performance’
  • Christina Vollmert, ‘Staging Technology: The International Electrotechnical Exhibition in Frankfurt-am-Main, 1891’
  • Evelyn O’Malley, ‘“Natural” Shakespeare in the Garden’
  • Jiwon Min, ‘The Melodramatic Ecology in Nineteenth-Century Theatre’
  • Alexis Harley, ‘Charles Lyell's Principles of Geology: the Geological Sublime and the Romantic Theatre’
  • Victoria Garlick, ‘The Broadhead Theatre Circuit: An Environmental Perspective’
  • The fee for this colloquium is £25 per person (reduced registration fee of £15 for PGRs), payable on the day. Lunches/refreshments will be provided; however, delegates are asked to arrange and cover the cost of their own travel and accommodation. Please note that the nearest train station to the campus is in Coventry. Link to registration, directions and accommodation details can be found at: http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/fac/arts/theatre_s/staff/jim_davis/theatrical-ecologies-and-environments/. For further information about this event, please contact Patricia Smyth at P.M.Smyth@Warwick.ac.uk or Jim Davis at Jim.Davis@Warwick.ac.uk.

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