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CFP: 3 Special Issues of ‘Dickens Quarterly’ (9/1/2018)

The editors of 'Dickens Quarterly', in consultation with members of the Editorial Board, are pleased to issue a call for contributions to a series of special issues of the journal. Three topics have been designated, each with a particular focus broad enough to offer opportunities for engagement from a variety of literary and non-literary perspectives.

Dickens and Wills
Wills in the novels, literally and metaphorically: their role as a narrative device, their importance and symbolic function; Dickens’s personal and professional exposure to and knowledge of wills as a formal declaration of an intention to dispose of property; his arrangements for the distribution of his estate; the sociological and cultural implications of will-making during the nineteenth century and the treatment of the subject in his journalism.

Engaging Dickens
New ways to engage Dickens by making use of technological innovation: the digitalization of texts, digital humanities and Dickens; reviews of the best online websites; new opportunities presented by Dickens Journals Online and the consequences of this valuable facility; engaging with Dickens in different pedagogical contexts – in the classroom, in public spaces such as exhibitions, museums and festivals.

Obscure or Under-read Dickens
Neglected novels and other works, including Dickens’s short fiction and miscellaneous pieces, under-scrutinized areas of his journalism, his non-fictional historical, theatrical and poetical writing.

Copy should be submitted in two forms: an electronic version to paroissien@english.umass.edu and a hard copy of the journal’s address: 100 Woodstock Road, Oxford, OX2 7NE England. Essays should range between 6,000 and 8,000 words, although shorter submissions will be considered. The deadline is 1 September 2018. For further instructions, see ‘Dickens Quarterly: A Guide for Contributors’, available as a PDF file on the Dickens Society’s website: dickenssociety.org.

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