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Contents of the latest edition of the Journal of Victorian Culture


JVC vol. 21. no. 4

Announcing the contents of the latest edition of the Journal of Victorian Culture:

Ann Garascia, “The Freak Show’s ‘Missing Links’: Krao Farini and the Pleasures of Archiving Prehistory”

Victoria Bates, “‘Under Cross-Examination She Fainted’: Sexual Crime and Swooning in the Victorian Courtroom”

Hannah Field, “Amateur Hours: The Visual Interpretation of Tennyson’s Poetry in Two Manuscript Albums”

Roisín Laing, “Candid Lying and Precocious Storytelling in Victorian Literature and Psychology”

Nancy Rose Marshall, “‘Startling; Nay, Almost Repulsive’: Light Effects and Nascent Sensation in John Everett Millais’s The Rescue

Digital Forum:

Zoe Alker & Christopher Donaldson, eds, “Digital Pedagogy in and beyond the Classroom”

Meegan Kennedy, “Open Annotation and Close Reading the Victorian Text: Using Hypothes.is with Students”

Paul Fyfe & Richard Menke, “Data Copperfield: A Pedagogical Experiment in Distributed Collaboration”

Emma Curry & Ben Winyard, “Our Virtual Friends: Dickens, Digital Communities, and Performative Learning”


Richard Hall, “Love, Toil, Laughter, and Devotion”

To read this edition of the Journal of Victorian Culture, please visit http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/rjvc20/current.

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