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CFP: BWWC 2017 Roundtable: “Print Culture and the Poetess” (1/15/2017; 6/21-24/2017)

UNCRoundtable: “Print Culture and the Poetess”
2017 British Women Writers Conference
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
June 21-24, 2017

This BWWC 2017 roundtable will investigate intersections between print culture and the figure of the poetess. The poetess was certainly a product of print culture; here, the roundtable will consider the ways that relations amongst female poets, often conceived as poetesses, might also have been produced by that culture. As so much exciting critical work has shown, female poets in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries worked to establish connections with one another across the decades, constructing poetic relations and chains of transmission. This roundtable will investigate the ways generations of poets maintained those connections in the varied spaces of print culture, in part through shared participation in the “poetess” figure. In what ways did periodicals, literary annuals, poetry anthologies, etc. participate in creating (or obscuring) inter-generational connections amongst female poets?

If you are interested in having your work considered for this roundtable, please contact Casie LeGette at legette@uga.edu. Paper proposals are due by January 15, 2017.

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