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Call for Proposals: Studies in the Literary Imagination: Special Topics in Victorian Literature

georgiastateStudies in the Literary Imagination: Special Topics in Victorian Literature

SLI (Studies in the Literary Imagination) is now accepting special topic proposals for future issues. Any scholar who wishes to propose a special issue for Studies in the Literary Imagination is invited to do so in a 1,000–1,500-word proposal. Please include: a working title; an overview of the proposed topic including a brief summary of pertinent issues and figures; a current C.V.; and a list of approximately 8 contributors and their paper titles with brief abstracts. The editors are interested in proposals on any area of literary inquiry, but they are especially interested in proposals concerning Victorian literature, any genre.

Please see the website to review the responsibilities of the Consulting Editor: http://sli.gsu.edu/submissions/. From acceptance to completion, the publishing process takes at least 2 years.

Contact editor Paul H. Schmidt or managing editor Lori Howard to submit your proposal or request further information:

SLI, Attn: Proposals
Department of English
PO Box 3970
Georgia State University
Atlanta GA 30302-3970
phone: 404-413-5811
email: lnhoward@gsu.edu or engsli@gsu.edu

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