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Event: “Written-Visual Aesthetics: The Rossettis and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood” (7/27/2016)

university of delawareThe University of Delaware Library, in association with the Delaware Museum of Art, invites the public to a free lecture by Heather Bozant Witcher, the 2016 Fellow in Pre-Raphaelite Studies. Her talk, entitled, "Written-Visual Aesthetics: The Rossettis and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood," will be held in the Class of 1941 Lecture Room of the Morris Library on July 27 at noon.

The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood artists were famous for their lust paintings and beautiful poetry--as well as their complicated interpersonal relationships. Bozant Witcher examines one of these dynamic relationships: the collaboration between painter-poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti and his sister, Christina Rossetti. By studying the artistic interactions of these talented siblings, Bozant-Witcher argues, we can better understand the ways in which interpersonal relationships impacted the production of art in the nineteenth century.

Heather Bozant Witcher is a PhD candidate at Saint Louis University where she is completing her dissertation, Sympathetic Texts: Collaborative Writing in the Long Nineteenth Century (1814-1914). For more information, please contact halinaad@udel.edu.

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