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Job Opening: Editor-in-Chief of Victorian Literature and Culture (7/1/2016)

cambridge university pressCambridge University Press is inviting applications for the position of Editor(s)-in-Chief for its journal, Victorian Literature and Culture.

Victorian Literature and Culture is well known as one of the very best field journals in the study of Victorian literature, music, art, society, and culture. In addition to articles on subjects in the field, the journal regularly publishes review essays on major topics, reviews of current activities in our culture relating to Victorian matters, and work in progress from extended projects by Victorian scholars. The journal contains approximately eight hundred pages per annual volume, comprised of four issues (March, June, September, and December). Victorian Literature and Culture reaches over three thousand institutions, as well as personal and individual subscribers, throughout the world.

Professors Adrienne Munich and John Maynard, who have been editing the journal for over twenty years with exceptional assistance from more than twenty-five editors, have decided to retire at the end of 2016. They are now inviting applications from those interested in taking on the editorship of the journal from 1st January 2017, for an initial term of five years. In order to ensure a smooth transition, it is envisaged that John and Adrienne will work with the new Editor(s) from October 2016. During this handover period Adrienne and John will outline journal workflows and current manuscript status prior to the new Editor(s) assuming responsibility for Victorian Literature and Culture from 1st January 2017.

A committee from the Advisory Board of the journal has been formed to help select the person or persons whose names will be presented to the Syndicate of Cambridge University Press for final approval. Candidates should be distinguished scholars in the Victorian field and have a record of major publication. Wide overview of the field will be important. We are open to applications from individuals or editorial partnerships (based in the UK, North America, or elsewhere).

Interested applicants are invited to send a brief CV and covering letter to the Chairs of the Search Committee and to Cambridge University Press at vlcjournal@gmail.com and hbuttimore@cambridge.org, respectively. Covering letters might outline how the applicant(s) would approach the editorship, and include thoughts on the journal, future directions it could take, as well as ideas for the development of its international profile and aims and scope.

Applications (by email) are welcome at any time up until 1st July 2016. The total document should comprise no more than five pages.

Any potential applicants who wish to discuss the role informally with the present editors should contact Professors Adrienne Munich and John Maynard at the journal email address: vlcjournal@gmail.com. Financial support in the form of an annual editorial honorarium will be available from Cambridge University Press. Inquiries about this, or any other contractual issues, should be made to hbuttimore@cambridge.org.

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