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Registration: A Time of Judgement: The Operation & Representation of Judgement in 19th-Cent. Cultures (6/23-24/2016)


A Time of Judgement: The Operation and Representation of Judgement in 19th-Century Cultures
Plymouth University
Plymouth, England
23-24 June 2016

This international and interdisciplinary conference examines the role of ‘judgement’ in the nineteenth century in Anglophonic and European cultures. Judgement operated and developed in a multiplicity of ways in this period: and the conference reflects this by studying judgement in legal and popular discourse, in works of visual representation and novels, in scholarship, and the literary marketplace. Judicial celebrity culture, public justice, Lord Byron’s readership, business failure, prize competitions, and secularists: these are among the many important and fascinating topics to be explored through the lenses of judgement and judging.

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