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CFP: Special Seminar at the 2016 Dickens Universe (5/15/2016; 7/31-8/5/2016)

Dickens Day

The Dickens Universe announces a special research opportunity for Victorianist faculty and graduate students whose colleges and universities are not currently institutional members of the Dickens Project Consortium. The 19th-Century Seminar is a working group of scholars led by two faculty members affiliated with the Dickens Project. Any “independent” faculty member or graduate student who wishes to attend the Dickens Universe is eligible to apply.

During the seminar, participants will present a 5-7 page “position paper” on their current research projects; it is the Dickens Universe's hope that this presentation opportunity will enable seminar members to secure funding from their home institutions to support their attendance. The seminar will facilitate energetic discussion, address research challenges posed by the projects, and encourage future collaborations among participants. Interdisciplinary projects are particularly welcome. Projects need not be related to Dickens. The seminar meets from 1:30-3:00, Monday through Friday. Seminar participants may also attend all regularly scheduled Dickens Universe events.

To apply, please submit a two-page C.V. and a 200-word description of the research project you will share. Submit these materials electronically to cmahaney@ucsc.edu no later than May 15, 2016. The 19th-Century Seminar will be limited to eight participants. Applications will be considered on a first-come basis; early application is recommended.

Cost: The 19th-Century Seminar is included in the cost of a regular Dickens Universe registration. No additional fee is required. Dates: Sunday, July 31 – Friday, August 5, 2016 (departures on Sat. morning)

The 2016 Dickens Universe will focus on Dombey and Son. For more information, including a list of principal speakers and attending faculty, go to: http://dickens.ucsc.edu/universe/index.html or write to the email address above.

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