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CFP & Call for Panels: Annual BAVS Conference 2016: Consuming (the) Victorians (3/1/2016; 8/31-9/2/2016)


Annual BAVS Conference 2016
Cardiff University
Wednesday 31 August to Friday 2 September 2016
Keynotes: Christina Bashford (Illinois) & Frank Trentmann (Birkbeck)
Neo-Victorian Plenary: Patricia Duncker (Manchester)

The Victorian age saw the emergence of ‘modern’ consumer culture: in urban life, commerce, literature, art, science and medicine, entertainment, the leisure and tourist industries. The expansion and proliferation of new mass markets and inessential goods opened up pleasurable and democratising forms of consumption while also raising anxieties about urban space, the collapse of social and gendered boundaries, the pollution of domestic and public life, the degeneration of the moral and social health of the nation. This conference is concerned with the complexity and diversity of Victorian consumer cultures and also seeks to consider our contemporary consumption of the Victorian/s. BAVS welcomes proposals for individual papers, and encourages proposals for panels (3-paper sessions), on, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • Urban spaces and city life: the flâneur/flâneuse, the steam/trolley bus, the rise of suburbia, street cultures
  • Transformations of the countryside: the Victorian pastoral, the country retreat, the farm, garden cities and model villages, alternative communities
  • Commerce: the department store, fashion, retail and advertising
  • Politics: new political mass movements, Chartism, feminism, Fabianism, ‘Victorian values’ in the present
  • Art: Pre-Raphaelitism, Impressionism, arts and crafts, photography, illustration
  • Science and technology: the railway, the Great Exhibition and exhibition cultures, the lecture, the gramophone, physics, biology
  • Science, spectacle and performance: taxidermy, the magic lantern, the diorama, the cinematograph
  • Literature: the magazine, newspaper, sensation, railway, crime and other popular fiction markets, self-help, religious tracts
  • Consuming life styles: the Girl of the Period, the Aesthete, the Dandy, the Decadent, the New Woman, the Lion/ess, the fashionable author, interview cultures
  • Cultures of entertainment and leisure: oper(ett)a, theatre and melodrama, the recital, music halls and concert halls, sheet music and instrument manufacture, the amateur, the club and associational culture, the bicycle, sports, boating
  • The tourist industry: sightseeing, the preservation of and popular attraction to historical buildings (e.g. National Trust), Baedeker, new (imperial) travel cultures
  • Medicine and the market place: medical treatments and therapeutics, medical advertising, professional practices, public and private treatment practices, institutional medicine, alternative therapies
  • The pleasures and perils of consumption: music, food cultures, cooking, chocolate, alcohol, addiction, opium, fashion, smoking, sex
  • Consuming bodies, moral contagion, social reform and the law: the city at night, prostitution, homosexuality, pornography, the ‘Maiden Tribute’ and trafficking; censorship, temperance, Obscene Publications Acts, Contagious Diseases Acts, National Purity Association, social purity activism, feminism, social welfare movements
  • The ‘other’ Victorians: the Victorians through the lens of their 19th-century contemporaries; the Victorians and 19th-century Europe; European Victorians
  • The Victorians and their pasts/Victorian consumption of earlier periods: Victorian medievalism in art and architecture, the Victorian Renaissance
  • Victorian afterlives: how the Victorian/s have been consumed by subsequent periods, such as the Modernists, Leavisites, faux/retro/post- and neo-Victorianism, heritage film and costume drama, the Victorians in contemporary architecture, art, interior decoration, music
  • The reception will be held in the Impressionist galleries, with access to the Victorian art gallery, followed by an organ recital and conference dinner at the National Museum Cardiff. There will be a house tour of Cardiff Castle, with interior decoration by Victorian architect William Burges. For further details consult our website: BAVS2016.co.uk. All conference presenters are required to be members of BAVS or an affiliated organisation (e.g. AVSA, NAVSA). Please submit an individual proposal of 250-300 words OR a 3-4 page outline for a 3 paper panel proposal (including panel title, abstracts with titles, affiliations and all contact details, identifying the panel chair), to BAVS2016@cardiff.ac.uk by the deadline of 1 March 2016. Papers will be limited to 20 minutes. All proposals should include your name, academic affiliation (if applicable) and email address.

    Conference organisers: Megen de Bruin-Molé (PGR, Cardiff), Rachel Cowgill (Music, Huddersfield), Daný van Dam (PGR, Cardiff), Holly Furneaux (English, Cardiff), Kate Griffiths (French, Cardiff), Catherine Han (PGR, Cardiff), Ann Heilmann (English, Cardiff), Anthony Mandal (English, Cardiff), Akira Suwa (PGR, Cardiff), Julia Thomas (English, Cardiff), Keir Waddington (History, Cardiff), Martin Willis (English, Cardiff)

    Jointly organized by: British Association for Victorian Studies; School of English, Communication and Philosophy, Cardiff

    Sponsors: School of History, Archaeology and Philosophy, Cardiff; School of Modern Languages, Cardiff; School of Music, Humanities and Media, Huddersfield

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