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Seminar: Postsecular Studies and the Rise of the English Novel, 1719-1897 (7/11-8/5/2016)

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Lori Branch and Mark Knight are delighted to be co-directing a 4-week 2016 NEH summer seminar in Iowa City on "Postsecular Studies and the Rise of the English Novel 1719-1897.” Examining the role that religion and secularization play in the rise of the novel, the seminar has places for 16 faculty (two of whom may be graduate students), and will run from 11 July  - 5 August 2016. During the seminar, participants will meet together to discuss common readings and spend the rest of the time working on their own related research projects. These conversations together will benefit from the involvement of four visiting faculty: Colin Jager, Misty Anderson, Deidre Lynch and Regina Schwartz.

Further information about the seminar, including the application guidelines and the NEH eligibility criteria, can be found at:

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