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CFP: Victorian Poetry: One Hundred Years of Reading Hopkins (1/31/2017)

Gerard HopkinsTo mark the centenary of the first edition of Gerard Manley Hopkins’s Poems (1918), there will be a special issue of Victorian Poetry in summer 2018. The guest editors of the issue are asking for completed essays that focus on a specific poem, or a pair of poems. (Submissions should not focus on “The Wreck of the Deutschland.”) Contributions should account for the shifting critical receptions of the texts since their publication and suggest new directions for Hopkins scholarship. Contributors might consider issues such as the politicization of Hopkins, Hopkins’s changing audience, appropriations of Hopkins, or Hopkins inside and outside of the academy. The editors also particularly welcome innovative readings of Hopkins drawing on current theoretical and cultural debates (for example, gender studies, material cultural studies, eco-criticism, digital humanities, textual studies, new materialisms, or affect theory). Submissions should be 6000 words, and sent to both LJHiggins@aol.com and akvpaxton@gmail.com. Due date: 31 January 2017.

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