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Job Opening: Professor of British and Anglophone Pacific Civilizations at Université de la Polynésie Française (2/2016; 9/1/16)


Position opening at Université de la Polynésie Française

Location: Tahiti-French Polynesia

Department: Humanities Department

Division: English Studies

Contract type: Permanent

Vacancy start date: Position to be filled by 1st Sept. 2016

Overview of the post:

This position is the highest academic rank in French universities. Prior to making calls for applications in February 2016 via Galaxie (the national recruiting system), the Université de la Polynésie Française will provide all relevant information (except during the December break) to all interested persons.


-drh@upf.pf for details on required degrees and credentials and the recruitment process
-sylvie.ortega@upf.pf leopold.musiyan@upf.pf for information on the English Studies Division at Université de la Polynésie française
-bruno.saura@upf.pf for specifics on the EASTCO research team

Teaching assignments:

The recruited full professor will teach British civilization and Anglophone Pacific civilization at B.A. level (Licence LLCER English Studies) and Master level (research-oriented LCSO and education-oriented MEEF 2d degré)


In joining EASTCO (the 16-member host team who investigate traditional and contemporary societies in Oceania), the position holder is to develop research on the Anglophone Pacific world (Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Samoa, Tonga...). He or she will lead, guide and promote research in the field of Anglophone Pacific civilization from the early days to the present.

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