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CFP: Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies, “Teaching Nineteenth- Century Literature and Gender in the Twenty-First Century Classroom” (2/1/2016)

ncgs“Teaching Nineteenth- Century Literature and Gender in the Twenty-First Century Classroom,” special issue of Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies. Summer 2016

Editors and Contact E-mails:
Lara Karpenko, Associate Professor of English, Carroll University: lkarpenk@carrollu.edu
Lauri Dietz, Director of the University Center for Writing-based Learning (UCWbL), De Paul University ldietz@depaul.edu

Submission Date:

Please send articles of 5,000-8,000 word articles to both lkarpenk@carrollu.edu and ldietz@depaul.edu by February 1st 2016 (earlier submissions highly encouraged.) Articles should be in MLA format and not be under consideration at any other journal. Any queries or letters of interest are welcome and should be sent to both the e-mail addresses listed above.

Project Description:

In his foreword to Tanya Agothocleous’s and Ann C. Dean’s Teaching Literature: A Companion (Palgrave Macmillan, 2003), George Levine calls on academics to “produce a serious literature about the teaching of literature” and since 2003, there has indeed been an increasing interest in and emphasis on pedagogical scholarship in relation to literary studies. Still, the field as a whole remains in its relative infancy—especially when compared to the robust scholarship dedicated to the teaching of writing/rhetoric. In order to expand opportunities to discuss effective teaching in our field, the 2016 issue of Nineteenth-Century Gender Studies will focus on the scholarship of teaching and learning. This issue seeks to deepen our field’s engagement with pedagogy as well as focus attention on the specific complexities of teaching at the intersection of nineteenth-century and gender studies.

We call for papers that discuss teaching any aspect of nineteenth century gender-studies. We would like this issue to showcase the wide-ranging experience and talent in our field and encourage submissions from a wide variety of institutions (two year colleges, liberal arts schools, comprehensive colleges, research institutions etc.)

Potential topics (others welcome):

  • Strategies for teaching gender dynamics/issues in nineteenth-century texts.
  • Strategies for teaching texts by canonical and non-canonical nineteenth-century women authors
  • Digital pedagogies and impacts on gender
  • Strategies for teaching feminist/gender theory and nineteenth-century literature
  • Strategies for teaching masculinity studies in nineteenth-century literature/culture
  • Preparing graduate students to teach gender and nineteenth-century studies in the rapidly changing academy
  • Attending to gender dynamics within our own nineteenth-century-focused classrooms.
  • Defining student learning outcomes in courses focused on gender and nineteenth century studies.
  • Leveraging opportunities to connect gender and nineteenth- century studies courses to college-wide educational initiatives (e.g., community-based learning, experiential learning, online learning, general education etc.)
  • Incorporating High Impact Practices into the gender and nineteenth- century studies classroom
  • Strategies for encouraging undergraduate research on nineteenth-century literature, culture, and gender
  • Considerations on how to teach close reading/formal analysis of nineteenth-century texts while still being attentive to issues of gender.
  • Considerations of how to promote liberal education through the teaching of nineteenth-century gender studies.

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