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Call for Poems: The Hardy Review

Review_Page_1The Hardy Review, a twice-yearly print publication for Thomas Hardy scholars and enthusiasts, published by the Thomas Hardy Association, welcomes submissions of high-quality, original poems that may take Hardy as their subject, that may reference him or his work, that may recall something about him in their theme or technique, that may show his influence in subtle or direct ways, or that might interest an audience of Hardy readers for some other reason we haven’t yet imagined.  In other words, there is no need for an explicit Hardy connection, though that is welcome too.  Readers of the Review are a smart and aesthetically sophisticated group.  Surprise them!

The Review is just now entering upon its 17th year.  It is edited by Professor Rosemarie Morgan of St. Andrews University and published in an attractive, slick-paper format by TTHA.  See a cover image and a sample table of contents under the “Publications” tab at the Thomas Hardy Association’s main page: http://thethomashardyassociation.org/

In past issues, the Review has featured poems by Robert Mezey, Jannett Highfill, Jim Goar, Judith Valente, Michael Morical, Patricia Brody, Barry Goldensohn, Carrie Etter, Charles Reynard, Gerald Schwartz, Michael Cain, Kathleen Kirk, Jim Togeas, Robert Bensen, Gray Jacobik, Rick Vetrone, Floyd Skloot, Mark Halliday, David Havird, David Latané, and Martha Vertreace-Doody.   Recent issues have presented a three-to-five poem feature by a single poet.

Postal submissions, including a brief cover letter, brief bio, and SASE should be sent to:

Bill Morgan
603 N. School Street
Normal, IL  61761

Electronic submissions (with their attendant formatting perils) may be sent as email attachments to wwmorgan@ilstu.edu

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