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Available online now:The Eighth Lamp: Ruskin Studies Today

John_Ruskin_1863The Eighth Lamp: Ruskin Studies Today
(ISSN 2049-3215)

The ninth issue of The Eighth Lamp: Ruskin Studies Today is now online.

Current and past issues can now be downloaded directly.

The Eighth Lamp: Ruskin Studies Today (ISSN 2049-3215) invites contributors to submit scholarly papers (8,000-10,000 or 3,500-4000 words), ideas for book reviews, exhibition reviews, news and events, titles of publications and projects in progress, and creative work and abstracts related to John Ruskin and related nineteenth century scholarship. Scholarly papers should be submitted at least six to eight months in advance to allow for the refereeing and revisions process. Please email submissions directly to the editors at theeighthlamp@gmail.com.

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