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Now in Paperback:The Encyclopedia of the Novel

image002Edited By: Peter Melville Logan, (General Editor), Olakunle George, Susan Hegeman, and Efrain Krista (Associate Editors)

Now available in a single volume paperback, this advanced reference resource for the novel and novel theory offers authoritative accounts of the history, terminology, and genre of the novel, in over 140 articles of 500-7,000 words.

Entries explore the history and tradition of the novel in different areas of the world; formal elements of the novel (story, plot, character, narrator); technical aspects of the genre (such as realism, narrative structure and style); subgenres, including the bildungsroman and the graphic novel; theoretical problems, such as definitions of the novel; book history; and the novel's relationship to other arts and disciplines.

The Encyclopedia is arranged in A-Z format and features entries from an international cast of over 140 scholars, overseen by an advisory board of 37 leading specialists in the field, making this the most authoritative reference resource available on the novel.

“It is an invaluable work for students and researchers. It will enable undergraduates to gain an understanding of the theoretical and philosophical issues that underpin their studies, and researchers will be able to examine aspects of their chosen interest in depth, within the context of a worldview.”  (Reference Reviews, 2011)

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