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Special Event: One-day Workshop "Hopkins' Audiences" (4/4/2014)

One-day Workshop
Hopkins' Audiences
Newcastle University
April 4, 2014

“I cannot think of altering anything”, Hopkins told Robert Bridges of The Wreck of the Deutschland, “Why shd. I? I do not write for the public. You are my public and I hope to convert you.” This one-day workshop, held in celebration of the new Oxford Collected Works edition of Hopkins' correspondence, will debate how Hopkins' notion of his public-both real and imagined-informs the nature of his writing and reception.

Speakers: Noel Barber, S.J., Matthew Campbell, Andrew Hodgson, Michael D. Hurley, Jude V. Nixon, Francis O'Gorman, Michael O'Neill, Catherine Phillips, Aakanksha Virkar-Yates, James Williams, Jane Wright.

Cost of workshop including refreshments and lunch will be £25 waged and £10 student rate. For further information, see http://hopkinsaudiences.wordpress.com/or contact martin.dubois@ncl.ac.uk

Kindly supported by: British Association for Victorian Studies (BAVS) - http://www.bavsuk.org. Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Newcastle University Oxford University Press

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